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Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

To represent the Licensees of CHOC through a unified voice, protecting the greater interests of its members by providing ideas, advocacy programs, and services.

Objectives of the CHOC

Today, the mission statement of the CHOC is to: "represent the Licensees of the Company through a unified voice, protecting the greater interests of its members by providing ideas, advocacy programs, and services".

The objectives of the CHOC are listed in the constitution under Article V. In addition, the following objectives have been established:

  1. To effect a high level relationship between the individual licensee and management of the Company, and between all licensees for the purpose of mutual advantage and cooperation.
  2. To improve the referral system by achieving a high performance level and cooperative action with all employees at each property.
  3. To advance new ideas, discuss system wide problems and focus attention on various matters as they relate to a significant number of properties.
  4. To encourage an exchange of operations and promotional ideas.
  5. To promote and encourage the use of properties affiliated with the Company on a local, national and international basis by the traveling public.
  6. To promote and exercise every conscientious effort to create new and reliable guests at affiliated properties.
  7. To effect the ultimate in business principles and status in the industry.
  8. To make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Company.
  9. To promulgate and enforce a code of ethics for CHOC members.
  10. To assure that the Company's plans and policies enhance the best interest of the franchisees of the system.

Members of the CHOC are expected to provide a high level of service and accommodations, and subscribe to high standards of industry ethics.





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