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Welcome to the official site of the Choice Hotels Owners Council. Our mission is to represent you, our CHOC member properties, through our national leadership, our Regional structure and committees. 

We work directly with Choice Hotels International to provide them with the operational insight, with feedback from you, and to make improvements in programs that are important to all of us. 

Please take advantage of this site by exploring the information provided by your Regions and in the various document sections.  

Cassandra  Hill A Message from Your Executive Director July 24, 2018
Hello CHOC Family,

Can you believe that summer has come and is almost gone. For some it has been one of the best seasons that you have had. For others it has been a constant struggle. Whichever it has been for you, I hope this little poem will see you through the remainder with a smile on your face:

The Hotel Pool Is Closed Today:

We were on vacation down Florida way; picked a hotel where we wanted to stay.

Weather was hot, so in order to get cool; we went out back for a dip in the pool.

A crude sign read, “Pool closed today.” “What’s behind that,” I did angrily say.

I was about to go to the office to protest; when my wife pointed & said, “It’s best.”

The way she indicated, I directed my eyes; then gave a gasp of horror and surprise.

The alligator lurking in the pool so low; an excellent reason, in the water not to go!!

By:Elton Camp

Jyoti Sarolia A Message from Your Chairman July 25, 2018
Many of us are in full swing and engaging with our summer travelers. You are welcoming guest and will have one opportunity to create a lasting impression about your hotel and our brands. Creating a positive guest experience will benefit you in ways you may have never imagined.    Our industry consistently speaks of engaging our guests and creating a positive stay experience.   As a owner, have you given thought of what that means to you?   1.    MORE BUSINESS – hotels that are favored by guest with strong positive stay experiences benefit from increased booking and boost in ADR potential.  2.   INCREASE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION- When the culture in your hotel is guest focused; the staff is more upbeat and communicates well.  Employee satisfaction is high and happy employees want to continue working in a good environment. You will experience less turn-over. 3.   MORE TIME – your hotel will run smoothly based on a guest focused culture.  Which means there are a fewer phone calls and unnecessary visits to your hotels for emergencies.   4.   RECOGNITION-  when your operations is focused on guest satisfaction you as owner are already recognized by potential guests and your brand as a good operator.  You are able to showcase your success with financial institutions, other brands, vendors and your community.  You are limitless on the successes you will achieve.   5.   PROFITABILITY – as a stay experience operator you will see profitability increase in each segment on your operations statement.  You will notice that a marginal increase in the cost associated with  a strong stay experience will yield you top line growth.   There are so many good resources at CHOICEU and through your Area Directors on creating a positive stay experience. I suggest that you sit down with your operations team, even if its is your staff and brainstorm on what you can do to increase guest satisfaction, top ten issues at your hotel, how to gain more reviews and ensure that each guest arrives happy and leaves star-struck. I want you all to have a fantastic summer.   Jyoti Sarolia CHOC Chairwoman





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