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Welcome to the official homepage of the Choice Hotels Owners Council, the dedicated voice and advocate for our diverse community of franchise owners. In 2024, we embrace our guiding mantra: CARE – Contributing with Care, Accountable in Action, Responsible in Reach, Educating for Excellence. This mantra isn't just a set of ideals; it's the foundation of our collective journey towards creating more meaningful, impactful, and sustainable hospitality experiences. CHOC’s focus on CARE includes:

Contributing with Care highlights our commitment to positively impacting our communities and guests. In the hospitality industry, every small detail contributes to the larger experience, and by focusing on care in every contribution, we ensure that our establishments are places of warmth and welcome.

Accountable in Action underscores our promise to not only set high standards but to also uphold them in every action we take. This principle ensures that every decision, big or small, is made with integrity and transparency, aligning with the best interests of our members, guests, and employees.

Responsible in Reach speaks to our responsibility towards the environment, our communities, and the global stage. In an era where sustainability and ethical practices are paramount, our Council aims to lead by example and extend its reach to foster positive changes beyond the confines of our properties.

Educating for Excellence reflects our ongoing commitment to learning and development. In the fast-evolving hospitality sector, staying ahead means continuously enhancing our skills, knowledge, and understanding of industry trends, guest expectations, and innovative practices. We also focus on the needs of the employee and how when owners take care of the employee, the employee takes care of the guests.

The CARE mantra is particularly resonant for a hospitality franchise advisory council like CHOC, as it encapsulates the essence of what we strive to achieve – excellence in service, leadership in the industry, and a lasting positive impact on the world around us. As the voice of our members, the Choice Hotels Owners Council is dedicated to embodying these principles, fostering a culture of excellence and care that elevates everyone.

Welcome to our community, where together, we make a difference.





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