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Cassandra  Hill A Message from Your Executive Director October 7, 2020
Greetings CHOC Family,

Here we are in October and unfortunately not a lot has changed for those working at home.

The information below is from one of our previous speakers offering tips for working from home. She addresses two very important things in her brief that I just want to point out that are vital to our mental minds during this time. YOU must take time for yourself and for your loved ones!! Ignoring either of these vital components of your success can make this most unprecedented time in our lives seem hopeless................

Tips for Working from Home Effectively

In early April, I had to ask a speaker what ‘WFH’ meant! Can you believe it? Now WFH (Work From Home) has the same biz-speak recognition as ‘EOD’ or ‘KPI’. It’s become part of our lexicon. What I hear from so many franchise clients is that they are still adjusting to the transition and tweaking behaviors and processes to not only be more productive in the hours they are working but are also working hard to set healthy limits on the amount of time and energy they are investing on work. For so many, now that work is just steps away in a home office, they are actually working MORE than they ever have before. Quality time with family, time to rest and restore, time to exercise and take care of themselves, all may have been exchanged for more time at a desk.

Here are a few WFH Tips that we have found useful and hope you will too:

* Location matters! Try to find a dedicated and comfortable spot to work from: this will help you to leave your job in that space once you are done for the day. (I joke about putting an automated time-lock on my office door. One that won’t let me in between the hours of 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM :) )

* Dedicate yourself to more structure. By defining exactly when your work time, family time, and play time should be, you’ll begin to feel more in control of your daily schedule. Once it’s on your calendar, STICK TO IT!

* Remember that everyone works differently. As a leader, communicate as much as possible with your team and be on the lookout for those team members who may be at risk of burnout. If you feel like someone is working too much, help them with time blocking strategies or other WFH tools to support the new way of working.

* Embrace the webcam. By setting the expectation that meeting attendees will turn their cameras on, those feeling isolated in the new remote world will feel more connected. Another reason to set ground rules that cameras must be turned on is so that attendees stay fully engaged in the meeting. Connecting virtually requires discipline and commitment. Harder to do when a 3-yr-old wanders in wanting Mom or Dad, when the dog is barking, the Instacart is delivering or a kiddo is asking for help with online school. All real-life distractions in our new world of work! And while we’re on the topic of webcams...

* Hop on a social video call instead of Slack the next time you need to take a quick break. We know it may be tempting to use the drastic ‘decline’ in office distractions to focus on your work, but humans still need social interaction ??.

Katrina Mitchell SPEAK!

Saumil (Sam) Patel A Message from Your Chairman August 5, 2020
Dear Fellow Owners and CHOC Members,

With the ongoing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our communities, our country and our world, this pandemic continues to have a significant impact on all of our businesses. In this difficult time, as a hotel owner or an operator, sometimes we feel as if we are alone, but please know that we are all in this together. In challenging times, the power of hospitality and unity is needed most of all - I assure you, CHOC is here for you and will be with you to navigate these challenging days ahead.

Now more than ever, cleanliness and safety should be top of mind. Please utilize every available tool to stay educated in this changing environment. CHOC, Choice Hotels - ChoiceU.com, AHLA, AAHOA, and your local and state hospitality associations are all providing excellent resources, tools, and education content.

In the months ahead, please attend one of our virtual regional town halls where you will have the ability to receive updates and interaction with your leadership. We want to share what we are doing for you, but more importantly, we want to hear from you and what we can do to help you.

CHOC is committed to keeping you informed through this rapidly changing situation and please know we are committed to standing with you. In everything we do, we’re guided by our mission and our purpose: To represent you through a unified voice protecting the greater interests of its members by providing ideas, advocacy programs, and services – in other words, To be Your Voice.

Our united voice as an industry and franchisee will undoubtedly resonate more and help us better navigate through these uncertain times.


Sam Patel Chairman Choice Hotels Owners Council





Corona Virus Fact Sheet

Corono Virus Fact Sheet

Corona Virus fact sheet and portable hand washing procedure signs....


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