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Choice Hotels Owners Council

Welcome to the official site of the Choice Hotels Owners Council. Our mission is to represent you, our CHOC member properties, through our national leadership, our Regional structure and committees. 

We work directly with Choice Hotels International to provide them with the operational insight, with feedback from you, and to make improvements in programs that are important to all of us. 

Please take advantage of this site by exploring the information provided by your Regions and in the various document sections.  

Cassandra  Hill A Message from Your Executive Director February 7, 2020
Greetings wonderful CHOC Family,

It was great to see so many of you at the Owners Investment Conference.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you regarding the educational content, the motivational message of Alex Sheen, the Human Trafficking certification and you gave us great feedback and accolades. And for that, I thank you but.............

Each of you ARE the reason for the success of the conference and the success of CHOC.

We started 2020 as winners together and will continue winning throughout the year!!

I believe that we are winners every day, multiple times a day. Imagine how successful we would all be if that became our mantra. Imagine the change in attitude if that became your mindset. Imagine the change in the attitudes of your team members if you treat them as if they are winners every day.

OIC was a terrific opportunity to begin the year networking with your peers, connecting with new owners, and celebrating how you will take the lessons learned over our two days together to maximize your success, the success of your team, and continue to reach new heights that will ultimately make an impact on your ROI!

I strongly encourage you to continue to take advantage of all that CHOC provides by attending your regional town hall meetings, reaching out to your regional leadership and checking the CHOC site for updates.

I look forward to seeing you this year as I attend your town halls, at the CHOC business session in New Orleans and at the Fall Regionals. Please share stories of your hotel and your team's success with me throughout the year. I want to celebrate your successes and your winning with you!!!

Please make sure that we have your current contact information to ensure that you receive all the information sent to you..... and that you send to me.

Finally, remember to take that extra minute to positively impact someone's day and let them know they are winners!!.


Saumil (Sam) Patel A Message from Your Chairman February 20, 2020
Happy New Year! 2019 was a year of evolution for our organization and we want to continue building on that momentum for 2020. The way we conduct business has evolved over the year and we are actively looking at all aspects of the way we manage our organization so that we are more closely aligned with you. We have laid a strong foundation thanks to all the hard work put in by our current and past CHOC leadership teams and are looking for more ways to give back to everyone we represent.

We spoke about the three pillars we have instilled into our organization last year at Convention and Fall Regionals - Caring, Sharing, and Mentoring; I hope you are able to take back a few thoughts and ideas to your hotels and incorporate them into your businesses. We all know it's a tough labor market with unemployment at record lows, I can assure you though you'll see a difference in retaining staff as well as bringing in new talent by having a culture built around caring, sharing, and mentoring.

For 2020, we are introducing three new pillars to build upon our Caring, Sharing, and Mentoring pillars - those new pillars are Engage, Empower, and Innovate. You will have opportunities to learn more about each pillar throughout the year where we will stress the importance of each and their relevance to our organization and how we represent you.

Lastly, I want to stress the importance of utilizing all the resources available to you. Choice Hotels provides many resources from Area Directors to ChoiceU and CHOC similarly provides resources like your Regionally-Elected Leadership, Town Halls, Owners Investment Summit, Fall Regionals, CoOp Marketing, and much more; I urge you to take advantage of these valuable resources. CHOC is YOUR voice, engage our organization and let us know how we can help you.

I look forward to meeting you all, to hear your stories, to be inspired, and getting to know you better. As a united front working together, we will create a path to success for many years.

Sincerely, Sam Patel 2020 CHOC Chairman





Current Legislative Issues

Current Legislative Issues

Current legislative issues could be impacting your business soon! Provided by your Fair Franchising Committee...


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