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History of the CHOC


Organized in 1967, as the International Operators of Choice Hotels International, Inc. was created "...to serve as a sounding board to air systemwide problems, provide a method of exchanging operational and promotion ideas, and enable franchisees to get better acquainted… in addition to providing a means of taking advantage of system operators’ vast store of knowledge and years of experience."

The CHOC works with corporate management in the establishment of system programs and policies. Over the years, it has proven invaluable in strengthening the system by making available to corporate management the expertise of the CHOC's members and by providing a direct channel of communication between the franchisees and Choice Hotels International.

The CHOC is a self-sustaining association, supported by monthly dues automatically assessed to all franchisees representing Comfort, Quality, Clarion, Sleep, and MainStay inns, hotels, suites and resorts, individually and collectively.


Past Chairs

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