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Directors and Vice Directors

Below is a list of Directors and Vice Directors. For a complete list, download our Roster by Region.

Saju, Azim
Azim Saju
Region 1 Director
Robinson, Jeremy
Jeremy Robinson
Region 1 Vice Director
Patel, Vijay
Vijay Patel
Region 2 Director
Walker, Aaron
Aaron Walker
Region 2 Vice Director
Agee, Sam
Sam Agee
Region 3 Director
McEwan, Scott
Scott McEwan
Region 4 Director
Lowe III, Kenneth (Tripp)
Kenneth (Tripp) Lowe III
Region 4 Vice Director
Gimaro , Joseph
Joseph Gimaro
Region 5 Director
Region 6 Director
Brann, CHA, Jim
Jim Brann, CHA
Region 6 Vice Director
Patel, Darshana
Darshana Patel
Region 7 Director
Mistry, Neil
Neil Mistry
Region 7 Vice Director
Shah, Hemang
Hemang Shah
Region 8 Director
Robinson, Ron
Ron Robinson
Region 8 Vice Director
Patel, Tejal
Tejal Patel
Region 9 Director
Shin, Jinho
Jinho Shin
Region 9 Vice Director
Burton, David
David Burton
Region 10 Director
Patel, Jayesh
Jayesh Patel
Region 10 Vice Director
Jurgens, Rhonda
Rhonda Jurgens
Region 11 Director
Shumway , Jordan
Jordan Shumway
Region 11 Vice Director
Wang, John
John Wang
Region 12 Director
Lemon, SueAnn
SueAnn Lemon
Region 12 Vice Director
Klain, Donald
Donald Klain
Region 13 Director
Schlotterbeck, Mykel
Mykel Schlotterbeck
Region 13 Vice-Director

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